We all have sweet memories of favorite desserts. For some it’s cakes, cookies, or pies. For others it’s ice cream. For still others it’s candy…and we’re guessing that’s you.

What makes our shop so fascinating is the huge variety of sweet delights all in one place. Many of them are the candies you remember from long ago. We’re committed to finding and keeping in stock as many of the classic candies as possible.

Of course, the size of our store is a limitation, but it’s amazing how much we can fit into our shop here at Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market.

Are you a licorice lover? With lots of types, from black, to double salt, to fruit twists and laces, to licorice pastels (shown here), you’re bound to find the variety you crave.

Remember Mike and Ike’s? We have ’em. Sour Patch Kids? Yup. Candy Blox you can build with, then eat? They’re a big hit with kids of all ages.

And believe it or not, you don’t have to run out of marshmallows in your Lucky Charms cereal anymore. We stock the dehydrated marshmallow shapes!

We’ve got world-famous Wilbur Buds, chocolate covered espresso beans, rich and creamy Asher’s truffles,.and a huge assortment of the best gummies anywhere. And along with classic peanut brittle, we also carry five other homemade brittle flavors, plus six exquisite toffee varieties from the Lancaster Toffee Company. 

Finally, we have more than just sweet “good stuff.”

Check out our assortment of trail mixes, from spicy to salty to sweet. Whatever type you choose, you’ll discover they’re all just plain yummy.

If you love nuts and dried fruits, we’ve got too many to name here, but we can at least mention some top favorites like dates, bing cherries, kiwi, apricots, cashews, macadamia nuts, and pistachios. That should get your mouth watering, and your search jump-started.

Enjoy browsing, and be sure to send us a message if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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