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Products>Sugar Free
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Milk Chocolate Peanuts- Sugar Free
Bulk Foods Inc. No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Panned peanuts have the same great taste as coated peanuts, but are produced using a different process. The peanuts are put in a rotating drum and a mist of chocolate covers the tumbling nut. The rounded corners give away the fact that the product was panned. This process often keeps foods fresher for a longer period of time. Better yet, these peanuts have a sweet chocolate taste without any added sugar!

Country of Origin:United States
$6.99 / lb
Sugar Free Gummi Bears
Albanese Sugar Free Gummi Bears

These gummy bears may be sugar free, but they're bursting with delicious fruit flavor! These soft, chewy bears have a sweet fruit taste that kids and adults will love.

Country of Origin: United States
$7.99 / lb
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