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Products>Penny Candies
Penny Candies
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Sesame Honey Crunch
Joyva Sesame Honey Crunch

Enjoy the sweet combination of honey and sesame in this bite-sized bar! Individually wrapped for your convenience, these sesame crunch bars make the perfect on-the-go snack as well as a delicious treat for holiday parties and other social gatherings.

Country of Origin: United States
$4.99 / lb
Spearmint Starlites
Primrose Spearmint Starlites

These classic mints have been a minty refreshing candy for years. Use these starlight mints to freshen your palette after dinner or unwrap one for a bold spearmint pick me up at any time of the day.

Country of Origin: United States
$4.99 / lb
Tootsie Pops (Assorted)
Tootsie Pops Assorted
Assorted tootsie pops are hard candy lollipops filled with a chewy chocolate center. These delicious pops have flavors such as orange, chocolate, cherry, grape, and raspberry. .
$4.99 / lb
Tootsie Rolls
Tootsie Roll Midgees

These chewy chocolate tootsie roll midgees candies have been a classic treat for years and are still a family favorite today. Enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate anywhere you go with these individually wrapped tootsie roll chews, which are also perfect for serving at parties and in holiday baskets
Country of Origin: United States
$4.99 / lb
Tootsie Rolls (Assorted Flavors)
Tootsie Assorted Flavor Roll

Each soft and chewy tootsie piece is individually wrapped and comes in an assortment of delicious flavors including orange, lemon, lime, cherry and vanilla.

Country of Origin: United States
$4.99 / lb
Showing 37 - 42 of 42< Previous1234