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Products>Dried Fruit
Dried Fruit
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Raisins -Golden Seedless

Thompson golden seedless raisins come from quality seedless raisins that are treated with sulphur dioxide to retain their golden color. These raisins are sweet and chewy and make a delicious snack on their own, but can also be added to trail mixes, baked goods and granolas for an extra healthy snack.

Country of Origin:United States
$4.49 / lb
Apple Rings

Apple Rings

Apple rings are a great alternative way to eat an apple a day. These apple rings make a delicious snack that the whole family will enjoy! Add these apple rings as a tasty garnish to cakes and pies, or even to a cup of hot apple cider for a creative and unique presentation.

Country of Origin:United States
$6.98 / lb
Berries (Mixed)
Smeltzer Orchards Dried Mixed Berries-Strawberry Cranberry-Blueberry-Cherry

Dried mixed berries are from deliciously sweet, fresh berries. These dried mixed berries are a combination of dried blueberries, strawberries, cranberries and cherries and makes this mix the perfect healthy snack at any time of day. Try adding this berry mix to baked goods for an extra sweet and fruity treat!

Country of Origin: United States
$10.99 / lb
Bing Cherries
Smeltzer Orchards Dried Sweet Cherries (Bing)

Dried Bing Cherries are made from ripe and juicy dark cherries that are bursting with sweet and delicious fruit flavor. These cherries make a healthy on-the-go snack, but can also be paired with other dried berries and nuts for a healthy trail mix that will fill you up without weighing you down.

Country of Origin:United States
$6.29 / 10oz
Smeltzer Dried Blueberries (Sweetened)

Dried Sweetened Blueberries can be a year round berry treat! Try these luscious bite size blueberries for snacking, or for adding an extra dose of healthy antioxidants to your favorite snack mix, baked goods and cereals.

Country of Origin:United States
$8.50 / 8 oz
Ocean Spray Craisins (Soft & Moist)

Craisins are sweetened dried cranberries that are so soft and chewy that you can eat them by the handful! Craisins also make a sweet and healthy addition to trail mixes and baking recipes and can be used to top hot or cold cereals.

Country of Origin:United States
$4.99 / lb
Desert Valley Pitted Dates Whole Fancy

These fancy pitted dates are ready to eat and great for snacking, baking or garnishing.

Country of Origin:United States
$4.79 / lb
Kiwi (with color)
Imported Dried Fruit Kiwi (With Color Added)

Kiwi will give you the sweet taste of tropical fruit anytime with the help of these dried kiwi slices. This dried fruit is colorful treat and it makes a great snack by itself, but also can also be used in snack mixes or as a tropical dessert garnish.

Country of Origin:Thailand
$5.99 / lb
Mangos - Unsulfured: Low Sugar
Mango Slices; Low Sugar,No Sulfur

Sweet mango slices will give you a taste of the tropics! This low sugar no sulfur dried fruit makes an exotic garnish for refreshing tropical smoothies and also perfect for snacking. Try pairing it with a slice of pineapple for a truly tropical treat.

Country of Origin:Thailand
$5.72 / lb
Papaya Chunks
Papaya Chunks (Orange)

Papaya spears are orange in color, sweet and chewy with a tropical taste that is both delicious and refreshing. Try them with your summertime treats and beverages like ice cream and smoothies. These papaya spears are great for a healthy taste of the tropics at any time of day!

Country of Origin:Thailand
$3.79 / lb
California Dried Fruit Dried Peaches California (Choice)

California Choice Peaches are colorful sun dried peaches with a naturally sweet flavor and chewy texture. These peaches are large in size and are rich in vitamin A and are also a good source of fiber, calcium and potassium.

Country of Origin:United States
$8.50 / lb
California Dried Fruit Dried Pears California (Extra Fancy)

California Pears X-Choice are naturally sun dried and have a sweet flavor and chewy texture. These pears are known for their sweet, subtle flavor and spicy undertones.

Country of Origin:United States
$8.50 / lb
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