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Cocnut Slices- Watermelon
Reppert's Coconut Strips Watermelon

Have a slice of summer with these sweet watermelon strips! These moist and tender coconut strips are flavored with a sweet watermelon taste for a refreshing and truly unique candy treat.

Country of Origin:United States
$4.99 / 8oz
Coconut Bon Bons
Crown Candy Coconut Bon Bons

Coconut Bon Bons are a unique bite sized treat sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! These bon bons have a creamy coconut center and are finished with an assortment of flavored fondant coatings including coconut (white), chocolate (brown), strawberry (pink) and lemon (yellow).

Country of Origin:United States
$5.59 / 12oz
Coconut Macaroons
Crown Candy Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons are a classic confection and have been a favorite snack for years! This candy is light and fluffy and features a sweet coconut taste and a toasted coconut topping to make the ultimate coconut lover's snack.

Country of Origin:United States
$4.99 / lb
Coconut Slices- Rainbow
Crown Candy Rainbow Coconut Slices

Rainbow Coconut Slices are a classic treat and have been a favorite for decades! These moist and tender old fashioned coconut slices feature three sweet stripes of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Country of Origin:United States
$4.99 / 8oz
Coconut Toasties
Toasted Coconut Covered Marshmallows

Soft marshmallows covered in toasted coconut flakes for a rare treat any time of the day.
For an even better version, see the Milk Chocolate section. We make these even better by coating them in Wilbur's Milk Chocolate!

Country of Origin USA
$3.95 / 8oz
Long Shredded Coconut
Fancy Long Sweet Shredded Coconut has a delicate appearance and offers just the right hint of coconut flavor to the foods it's used in. This narrow coconut shred is sweetened with powdered sugar and is great for use in pudding, granola, cookies and on ice cream.
$3.29 / 15oz
Showing 1 - 6 of 6