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Products>Christmas Candies
Christmas Candies
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Chocolate Filled Straws
Primrose "Christmas Seasonal" Straws, Chocolate Filled

A classic holiday assortment of crunchy straws filled with chocolate. Shiny, festive colors (White, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange and Red) will add sweetness and decoration to any holiday get-together.

Country of Origin: United States
$4.49 / 15oz
Christmas Nonpariels, Dark Chocolate
Kargher "Christmas" Nonpareils

Smooth and creamy semi sweet chocolate topped with crunchy red, white and green nonpareils is what you'll find in this festive Christmas confection.

Country of Origin: United States
$5.49 / lb.
Cut Rock Candy
Primrose "Christmas Seasonal" Cut Rock Candy

Classic cut rock candy pieces individually twist wrapped. The centers have designs and the flavors include a variety of mints, fruits, and spices.

Country of Origin: United States
$4.49 / 15oz
^Dairygood^ Christmas Bells Milk Chocolate
Palmer "Christmas Seasonal" Christmas Bells

These solid chocolates are shaped like Christmas bells and are individually wrapped in festive foil, making them the perfect holiday treat.

Country of Origin:United States
$5.49 / lb
Deluxe 100% Filled Mix
Primrose "Seasonal" Deluxe Christmas Mix

These candies make the perfect assortment for holiday candy dishes. Every piece is filled with a delicious soft center with a crispy all fruit flavored coating.

Country of Origin: United States
$4.49 / 15oz
Deluxe 50% Filled Mix
Primrose "Christmas Seasonal" Deluxe Holiday Mix, 50% Filled

A blend of Old Time Mix and Deluxe Filled mix for the best of both worlds.

Country of Origin:United States
$4.49 / 15oz
Deluxe Holiday Mix by Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly Deluxe Christmas Mix

This specialty mix features a variety of foil wrapped chocolates, Christmas chocolate malt balls, rich mellowcremes, red apple and green apple Jelly Belly beans, mint crèmes, jingle bell jells and Christmas chocolate Dutch mints.

Country of Origin: United States
$9.99 / lb
Filled Red Raspberries
Primrose "Christmas Seasonal" Red Raspberries, Filled

Raspberry filled hard candy made using all-natural sugar candy blend, shaped-like real raspberries, filled with creamy raspberry candy.

Country of Origin: United States
$4.49 / 15oz
Gourmet Mints (Red & Green)
Richardson "Christmas Seasonal Red & Green Gourmet Mints

These colorful candy coated chocolate gourmet mints are a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth treat. Coated in red and green these delicious mints make a festive treat for parties, holidays and other special occasions.

Country of Origin:United States
$6.99 / lb
Gummi Trees and Snowmen
Albanese "Christmas" Gummi Trees & Snowmen

This festive mix is full of tree and snowmen shaped gummies that are packed with fruit flavor. The red, white and green colors make this gummi mix perfect for enjoying at holiday parties or as a delicious stocking stuffer.

Country of Origin: United States
$2.99 / lb
Holiday Corn
Zachary " Christmas Seasonal" Holiday Corn

Enjoy the traditional taste of candy corn in colorful white, red and green bite sized pieces! Use this candy corn as a snack or package it in festive wrap for a sweet stocking stuffer.

Country of Origin: United States
$2.79 / 15oz
Holliday Mellowcremes
Zachary "Christmas Seasonal" Holiday Mellocremes

Red, green and white mello cremes in pine tree, santa claus and snowmen shapes make this mix the perfect holiday treat!

Country of Origin: United States
$2.99 / 15oz
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